Paric Jaos is an ancient city, having been in existence in one form or another for three thousand years, having persevered through many kingdoms and empires claiming it with in it's boundries. It has been partially destroyed at least four times in the past and has always rebuilt, in part due to the natural deepwater harbor and it's proximity to the Liane River and the trading traffic it brings.

The original meaning of the Paric Jaos was "City of Joy" from the Old Tongue, but now that name is ironic. The people that inhabit the city are generally known as closed lipped, dour and distrusting folk and the city itself is made from grey stone cut from local quarries, given the entirety of the place a weathered and drery appearance.

None the less, trade is the lifesblood of the city, it's strategic location makes it home to several powerful and influencial trading houses and it is a rich source of income for the Alari Empire. The city sees it's share of cosmopolitan traffic, traders from all over the world that wish to do business with the rich Alari's inevitably stop in Paric Jaos.

The city is ruled by Govenor Ryes na' Cluthia na' Alarian, second cousin to the Emperor and he is advised by a council mostly made up of merchants. Ryes is lining his pockets any way he can, using the money to fuel his political ambitions.